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Q10 anti aging


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    Contains organic argan oil, coenzyme Q10 and Homeostatin Protects against UV radiation - SPF 10 Reduces signs of fatigue and stress Use: It is recommended to apply the anti-wrinkle cream in the morning and in the evening, on the skin previously cleaned.

    It can also be used on the delicate skin of the neck and neck.

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    During the night the skin of the face vitamine anti aging special care, which is why the anti-wrinkle night cream based on q10 anti aging is formulated to intensify the natural regeneration process. The unique complex of active substances balances the vital functions of q10 anti aging skin, reducing wrinkles.

    Did you know that honey nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the skin due to its vitamin and mineral content?

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    In addition to honey, anti-wrinkle night cream also contains vitamin A helps regenerate the skin and regulates skin functions and coenzyme Q10, which helps reduce wrinkles. In the morning the skin is firmer, softer, with a fresher appearance.

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    Using regular honey-based natural anti-wrinkle cream can soften the already existing wrinkles, getting a youthful and invigorated look. Dermatological tested.