Straus akkus fűkasza - 13 Ft -

Használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró,

It will work equally well on farms, livestock or plantations as well as in municipal services and logistics.

használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró

It will also be a significant support while working in green architecture. It owes such performance to a 4-cylinder 24HP diesel engine 27HP possible after a slight modification.

All this power with a weight of only kg and dimensions: Width mm, Height mm, Length mm.

használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró

The wheelbase of 1, mmcombined with a ground clearance of mmguarantee comfortable travel over the most uneven surfaces, without the risk of the machine freezing or damaging the chassis.

In addition, the manual transmission affects the increased control of the machine by the driver, and the drum brakes with a handbrake will allow you to stop the machine effectively at any time. The mounted hydraulic system is also helpful, i.

használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró

Thanks to this, the mini-tractor easily overcomes most terrain obstacles and unfavorable surfaces, even with attached machines and a load.

Driver's convenience even in the compact version VST MT also cares about the safety and comfort of the driver.

használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró

A set of lights and mirrors help the driver to move efficiently and safely on the road, as well as at work in the evening hours. For additional protection of the operator against accidents, the seat has seat belts, használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró the mini tractor itself is equipped with a set of warning lights.

használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró

Additional fixtures and fittings is the loader of the Polish manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment SANKO and is designed exclusively for Japanese mini tractors and small tractors. The FL loader is a device that can be quickly mounted or dismounted from our tractor using the quick assembly system, you only need to unfold the support feet, remove the securing pins and drive away or drive the tractor.

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The lift height of the front loader is between 2, and 2, mm and the capacity of a standard 1, mm wide bucket is approximately liters. An additional hydraulic system is required to control the loader, if the tractor does not have at least 2 sections, and the machine is operated using two levers.

használt svájci anti aging fűnyíró

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