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dátum halloween 2022 suisse anti aging

The name of the town means hot water, which in itself shows what is going on here. A better reason is not needed to visit Hévíz. Imagine a quiet, peaceful place amidst lush green forests where everything is about relaxation. A place where you can bathe amongst colorful water lilies in the gentle turquoise thermal water.

dátum halloween 2022 suisse anti aging

A place centred to invigorate, revitalise and pamper you. Your imagination is dátum halloween 2022 suisse anti aging in Hévíz! Hévíz is a small town just km away from Budapest and from Vienna.

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After Budapest, the most visited town in Hungary is Hévíz. The roots of the bathing cure known today date back to Thanks to the knowledge, accumulated since then, hundreds of thousands have regained their health, so the Traditional Hévíz Therapy has become a trademark of the town.

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Traditional Hévíz Therapy is based on the medicinal water of Hévíz, which, due to its rich mineral content, is particularly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Its effectiveness is proved by recent medical researches as well as thousands of cured guests.

dátum halloween 2022 suisse anti aging

Bathing amongst an array of white, pink and purple water lilies in the steaming thermal lake. A refreshing massage with thermal mud in the pavilion floating on the lake.

Canoeing in the steamy warm water of the Hévíz stream on a frosty day in January.

dátum halloween 2022 suisse anti aging

Taking a winter swim in the 24°C thermal lake whilst big snowflakes fall around you. Seeing a nest of the little grebe brooding amongst the water lilies of the thermal lake.

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