Blockchain’s governance paradox

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Act, Section 71 2 The disciplinary decision of the first instance is made by the disciplinary committee of the institution, which has at least three members. Section 13 1 The disciplinary procedure of first instance is conducted by the disciplinary committee of the given faculty or doctoral school of the University.

Act, Section 73 3 The appeal against the first-instance decision is heard by the head of the institution of higher education or a committee formed by the head of the institution for this purpose.

Section 14 1 The affected faculty establishes a five-member disciplinary committee consisting of 2 professors and 3 students.

Blockchain’s governance paradox

The two professors of the disciplinary committee are chosen by the Faculty Council and the Doctoral Council for a 3-year term. The chair of the disciplinary committee is the lead professor appointed by the Faculty Council or the Doctoral Council. The professor members may only be re-appointed once after the expiry of their first term. The representative councils will notify the Casting fotó ado fille suisse anti aging or the Chair of the Doctoral Council of the elected committee members.

The student members will be elected for 1-year terms.

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Section 15 1 The following persons may not be involved in making a decision in a disciplinary case: a those who cannot be expected to make an unbiased decision in the given case; b in the appellate procedure, those who participated in the first instance phase of the procedure.

Conflicts of interest in the appellate procedure must be reported to the Rector.

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The motion must be recorded in the minutes of the procedure. A formal decision must be made on the acceptance or rejection of the motion. If the motion is accepted, the disciplinary hearing must be adjourned until a new committee member is appointed. In this case, the disciplinary committee of the institution or faculty conducting the procedure will notify the other institution or faculty.

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Section 17 If it is discovered in the procedure that a crime has likely been committed, the Dean or the Chair of the Doctoral Council must report the case to the authorities. Act, Section 71 3 If casting fotó ado fille suisse anti aging is a pending criminal procedure in the same case, the disciplinary procedure will be suspended until the criminal case is closed or if the student cannot be heard or tried as described in Section 70 5 in the disciplinary case through no fault of their own. Section 18 The suspension of the disciplinary procedure will interrupt the period of the statute of limitations.

In this case, the statute of limitations period will restart when the criminal case is closed. Act, Section 70 5 The student must be invited to the trial. Section 19 1 The student must be summoned to the trial in a written form.

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The summoned person must be reminded to bring their proof of identity documents to the hearing. The fact that summons have been issued in writing or orally must be recorded in the case documents.

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Section 20 1 The student has the right to use the services of a legal counsel in the procedure. Section 21 1 The disciplinary trial is conducted by the chair of the disciplinary committee. The chair will also appoint a person to record the minutes of the trial.

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Section 22 1 Students, professors and employees of the University are allowed to attend the trial. A closed hearing may be requested by the student or a witness if they render it probable casting fotó ado fille suisse anti aging a public hearing would threaten their legitimate interests.

Then the chair informs those present of the data on the basis of which the disciplinary hearing is held. Section 23 1 If at the hearing the student admits their responsibility for the violation, and there is no doubt that the admission of guilt is frank, the trial must only be conducted to establish the circumstances simplified trial. They must be warned that they must tell the truth and that perjury has consequences under criminal law.

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Section 24 1 Minutes must be kept of the disciplinary trial. The persons heard at the trial may request the correction or supplementation of the contents of the minutes.

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If the person refuses to sign the minutes, the reason for the refusal must be recorded in the minutes. Section 25 1 The disciplinary committee will make its decision after the evidence procedure.

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The decision will be made in a closed session of the committee and will be passed by a simple majority vote Annex 2. The closed session may only be attended by the chair and members of the disciplinary committee and the keeper of the minutes.

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If a fact is not proven beyond doubt, it may not be held against the student.