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Having invested heavily in Cabernet Franc, the region is home to serious, oak aged blends reminiscent of Bordeaux. In size it is one-third of the tiny Napa Valley.

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Singular set of climatic conditions to help developing Botrytis Cinerea 'aka Nobel Rot' - right amount of humidity and warmth [too little or too much can produce problems]. Average growing season temperature: However, strictly only for research and experimentation approved by the Tokaji Borvidék Hegyközségi Tanácsa.

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The average size of a vineyard is just 0. Training systems: the popular ones are Guyot and Cordon For all vineyards planted after August 1, Minimum planting density: 4, vines per hectare Maximum planting distance between vines: 1. Aszú grapes must be harvested by hand.

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Lusciously honeyed. The Tokaji Aszú has been called "the Sauternes of eastern Europe". It should be the other way around.

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Sauternes should be called "the Tokaji Aszú of France", since the world's first sweet, botrytised wines avully suisse anti aging made in Tokaj, not there. The general process: a Aszú grapes are picked by hand in the fall - berry by berry - lightly crushed [to open them, and being careful not to break the seeds inside] into a paste or dough - the rest [non-botrytised grapes] is made avully suisse anti aging a base wine. As per the tradition: to make the amount of wine what a Gönci barrel can hold - the numbers of puttonys avully suisse anti aging given to the base wine - the larger the number, the sweeter the wine becomes.

Nowadays: the puttony measurement is not used, the amount of paste determines the legal requirements for the sugar content the wine must have.

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The color of honey, velvety rich and tasting of molecularly dense apricots and peaches - one of the world's most penetrating and profound taste sensation. Min 5y in cask. Typically fermented in new Hungarian oak casks of, litres but sometimes even in stainless steel tanks.

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