Homecoming: Mark Emmert takes the reins as UW president

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Jump To Comments It is a story that hundreds of thousands of Huskies are living—but this one has a twist. In this version, a local kid does pretty well in high school and looks at his options. He works on truck farms harvesting vegetables and in the summer raises pheasants at a state game farm. His older brother is already away at college. To avoid too much of a strain on family finances, the younger son spends his freshman year at community college.

Finally his time has come.

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In the spring, as the cherry trees bloom in the Quad, he arrives at the University of Washington. It is an awakening. But engaging with his professors and fellow students, he falls in love with the life of the mind. That love of learning takes him to graduate school and launches a career in higher education.

That rise to success could have been the end of the story, but there is one more plot turn.

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And so, on June anti aging center baton rouge,Mark Allen Emmert, native of Fife and UW class oftakes over as the 30th president of the University of Washington, the first time in 48 years that a UW alumnus will hold the reins of his alma mater. His last two positions were leading flagship public institutions: the University of Connecticut and Louisiana State University.

What could be better than to make sure it is a place that continues do that for everybody else? The normally articulate new president seems to hesitate when asked about coming back to Seattle. This is a place that did so many things for me. Since former President Richard McCormick left for Rutgers in the fall ofthe UW has been buffeted by violations in its athletic department and billing fraud in its academic medical center.

A melee in Greek Row damaged relations between the neighbors and the UW. Unhappy with their working conditions, the teaching assistants voted to unionize.

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Enrollment pressure was so great that the admissions office had to end automatic transfers for qualified community college students. Photo by Kathy Sauber. I think I am amazingly lucky to get a chance to do this. While running his lap anti aging center baton rouge America, Emmert has closed academic departments, expelled students after a spring riot, fired a football coach and comforted a campus terrorized by a serial killer.

He can be a stylish dresser and favors suspenders several sets are reported to be purple and goldbut on the day of his interview he wore an open neck, short-sleeve shirt and khaki pants. Even though he adores fly fishing, his office did not have a anti aging center baton rouge trout mounted on the walls.

In addition to fishing, he relaxes by skiing both cross country and downhill and boating. On stage or in a conversation, Emmert speaks in a soft, deliberate manner.

Hot topics: Emmert on the issues

Unlike many academics, he will let the questioner finish the sentence before he starts giving his answer. His sense of humor is one of his trademarks. Mark Emmert left smiles with his brother, Steve, in this late s portrait. Photo courtesy Mark Emmert.


It is a style born of the Pacific Northwest. Emmert and his wife are both third generation Washingtonians. His parents are still living and still own his boyhood home.

Fife was a anti aging center baton rouge farming town when Emmert was born on Dec. Membership in the Future Farmers of America was a major source of status in high school.

But there was hard work as well as fun and games.

Homecoming: Mark Emmert takes the reins as UW president

I grew up pulling lettuce and cutting cauliflower. But the trip with the biggest impact was a middle school excursion to the UW campus. It was like imprinting on a duckling. Emmert ran for student leadership offices, wrote and sold ads for the student newspaper and played basketball and ran track.

It was in his junior year when Emmert met the most important person in his life—his future wife. The family moved all over the state and in its new home was Fife. Although brand new, she was trying out to be a cheerleader. Fife High School had a democratic tradition for selecting its cheerleaders—the students got to vote on who would make the squad.

Like most of his lobbying efforts since then, it was a success. When Delaine turned 16, he was allowed to take her out by her conservative parents—but only if it öregedésgátló bőrápolás a 20-as éveinek a double date.

They dated on and off through anti aging center baton rouge school and college.

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Even though he and his brother were the first members of their family to go to college, Emmert never considered other alternatives. Today Steve Emmert is a senior building inspector for the city of Kent and a Cougar fan.

After graduating from high school inhis friends and cousin went away to school, but Emmert had to stay behind. As the trees bloomed on the Quad that spring, so did his world. Although Emmert loved history and literature, he chose political science for his major. Photo courtesy Jerry Herting. Emmert roomed with his high school buddy, Jerry Herting, the whole time he was a student. They lived in several apartments before sharing a house in Wallingford with two other roommates from Fife.

They played on IMA softball teams and went to Husky football and basketball games. Like many other students of that era, there were plenty of nights playing foosball at the Duchess Tavern or talking politics and movies at the Last Exit on Brooklyn coffeehouse.

But hanging over their lives was the war in Vietnam. Like every other year-old male, Emmert was subject to the draft.

But he had classmates and cousins who went to Vietnam, and one high school acquaintance—Ed Zumwalt—never came back. Emmert worked at Autovia, an auto parts store on 47th Street and the Ave. He had always loved cars and drove a Ford Mustang in high school, so the job was a good fit.

But it also kept him from taking advantage of all that the UW offered. I would have done the UW more intensely. Drivers tried to get the best time while negotiating a twisting course marked out with traffic cones. Emmert was one of the better drivers, says Spear. It was very expensive.

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So he headed for Riverton, Wyo. The college had several branches, including one on the nearby Wind River Indian Reservation, where Emmert lived in a trailer. He got his wish. Here I was, growing up a middle class kid in safe and sane Fife, and it was a whole different world.

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I saw people trapped by their social circumstances. Prior to that, I thought—like probably a lot of Americans—that anybody who pulls up their socks and works hard can achieve anything. Spear visited his cousin and was struck by the primitive living conditions. So the water smelled like lye and it tasted like lye. If you cooked food in it, the food tasted like lye.

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If you washed clothes in it, you smelled like lye. In they had a hometown wedding in their church in Fife and then Emmert brought his new bride back to his trailer in Wyoming.

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It was not what his wife expected. There and in Alamoso, Colo. When Emmert returned to Syracuse University inhe was a changed person. He had spent 18 months living on the Wind River Indian Reservation, he got married, he helped put his wife through school and he became a father son Steven was born in With his wife working to support the family, Emmert blazed through the doctoral program, earning his Ph. At that time the concept of social biology was entering the social sciences.

Maybe we are living, breathing organisms after all.