Volume XI, Number 1, Spring 2015

Anti aging anon scansion

anti aging anon scansion

Restrictions on academic freedom in Hungary have become so serious that researcher Károly Takács has moved from Budapest to Norrköping and LiU. He brings with him his family and a large part of his research group.

Károly Takács at Villa Fridhem outside of Norrköping.

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The family will live in Lindö, Norrköping. But we have tried to explain the situation to them, and that it is partly because of them that we are moving.

anti aging anon scansion

The Hungarian sociologist — who has received a large research grant from the EU to work on gossip and social networks — describes how scientific freedom has become subject to increasing pressure in Hungary. The authorities, through decisions about financing, organisation and alignment, have come to exert more and more control of research, not least within the social sciences. Certain subjects, such as gender studies, have quite simply been forbidden. University moves to Vienna The final straw that led to Takács seriously considering leaving the country was the way in which the regime treated the American Central European University, CEU, founded by Hungarian entrepreneur George Soros.

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  • His fields of research are digital culture and theories, film theory, film adaptation, and psychoanalytic theory.
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A lot happened in an extremely short period. At the same time, we saw how the EU failed to have a positive influence on the country.

"Systematic attacks"

Hedström was immediately positive, but it has since taken extensive discussions with the university management to make everything ready. It was a natural choice for me to come here.

At the moment, there are few signs that political developments in the country can take a more positive direction.

anti aging anon scansion

It can be difficult for outsiders to understand the broad popular support for the regime. The control exerted by the regime over the media is one factor, as are the campaigns against immigration. In addition, the economy is performing well and unemployment is very low.


These are some factors in the explanation. From our side, we are delighted to have recruited Takács anti aging anon scansion IAS, but anti aging anon scansion would, of course, have preferred that it took place against another background.

anti aging anon scansion

Takács is an extremely successful researcher who will contribute a great deal to the work at IAS.