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    Ha valamit el szeretne menteni a kedvencei közé, kérjük, ehhez először jelentkezzen be a felületre!

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    Ha hozzá szeretne férni a kapcsolatteremtéshez használható űrlaphoz, kérjük, ehhez először jelentkezzen be a felületre! With this strategic partnership, we aim to study the impact a common, structured strategy led by non-formal education actors and formal ones could have on secondary school pupils years old at risk of dropping out.

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    Our 2b architects svájc anti aging wishes to have this project implemented at European level in order to adjust our techniques to other national realities and public policies, facilitating the dissemination of results, the durability of the shared practices and their turning into common policies.

    The 1st year is dedicated to understanding local realities methods, criteria used to identify at-risk pupils, public policies, relations between non-formal education and formal actors. Three trainings on our three main objectives will be organised hosted by the three represented countries alternately.

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    Two participants by partner school will be attending each of them. Those trainings will also be a chance to exchange best practices and improve our tools.

    By spring ofthe educational community of each partner school will be trained and the concrete experimentation can start as soon as September, The next two months 2b architects svájc anti aging be a time for identifying potential dropping-out pupils. A first assessment should happen by March,and modifications should be made to the common protocol if necessary.

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    In April-May,the youth project written by the pupils at-risk of dropping out should be implemented, including a European mobility. End of Juneour experimentation is over and our partner university work on analysing the collected data.

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    November-December Dissemination conference and publications presenting our results. One school, one association and one university by partner country 2.

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    Schools are expected to facilitate the experimentation, have their staff trained, share their already existing tools and methods. Associations are expected to train the educational community, be in charge of workshops with pupils, share their existing tools and methods. The academic researchers are expected to help out the project by giving theoretical support on the three main objectives, helping build a common protocol, help with the understanding of the local public policies and contexts, help with analysing the datas, results and impacts.

    Lawrence F. Philip N. Howard Cellphone: Email: pnhoward uw. Howard, Philip N. State Power 2.