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They also admired the way in which the house connected its inhabitants to its surroundings, through a series of glazed cuts in the wall and roof planes. This project is reviewed on page 26— The jury found this project for a funeral chapel a highly compelling and atmospheric study in the handling of space, light and materials.

White walls are counterpointed by roofs and ceilings made of patinated copper. Each panel was patinated by hand, so the copper has exquisitely sensuous colour and texture.

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Patinated copper mesh panels also screen the glazed walls overlooking an adjoining churchyard. The jury was very impressed by the high level of craft and technical skills involved, and how the material was used to evoke a tranquil sense of the numinous, creating 20mn suisse anti aging appropriately solemn yet nonetheless uplifting setting for the rituals of death and parting.

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Differences in the proportions of copper and zinc used in the alloy mixtures create a range of different hues, from brown to gold, so the panels will patinate at different rates over time. The jury was also seduced by the perforated balcony frames which filter light and cast a pattern of rippling shadows around the interiors of the 20mn suisse anti aging.

A meglévő erőforrások optimális kihasználása és a magas szakmai színvonal biztosítása érdekében a felderítési tevékenységben közreműködnek a társhatóságok, így a vámhatóság és az erdészeti szolgálat is.

This project is covered az emberi növekedési hormon öregedésgátló hatásai detail on page 18— The attention to detail in the choice and use of materials was especially lyrical and imaginative. The richness of the metal exterior forms an evocative contrast with the rustic simplicity of the plywood interior.

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The architects have created a modern folly that chimes beautifully with the landscape. Long and low 20mn suisse anti aging, it almost becomes part of the landscape, a reassuringly rugged presence in the town. The hue and texture of the dark copper panels evoke the surrounding farmhouses and pine forests.

A Biblioteca da Ajuda poss ui dois curiosos manuscritos ilustrados do século XVI de natureza profético-astrológica. Os textos neles contidos são um interessante exemplo da cultura e arte do Barroco pela combinação de erudição científica, profecia, astrologia e religião. A identidade dos seus autores é desconhecia, mas revelam um profundo conhecimento científico e religioso. O texto começa pela apresentação dos pontos de vista científicos, religiosos e filosóficos do autor, seguindo-se uma descrição dos movimentos celestes. No entanto o objetivo não é o conhecimento científico; neles a ciência é apenas um instrumento para descodificação de mensagens proféticas e divinas através de cometas e anjos.

The jury admired how an essentially functional building was transformed into a new local landmark through the careful sculpting of form and adept use of materials. Jury members were particularly impressed by how it articulates a sense of civic life, through a skilful interplay of solid and void, and how it meshes with the wider urban realm, defining and enclosing new public spaces.

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In this, copper cladding plays a key part. The material is used in horizontal strips of varying widths to animate and articulate facades with great finesse.

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This project is reviewed on page 24— By way of our thanks for their involvement, enthusiasm and experience, Copper Architecture Forum readers might like to learn more about the judges. Keith is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, has lectured extensively and judged numerous architectural competitions and awards schemes.

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Pia has been involved with all aspects of architecture including masterplanning, landscaping and interiors, working on projects ranging from bridges to tower blocks, and even the Elephant House at Copenhagen Zoo. Catherine Slessor is Editor of the Architectural Review.

In a long career as an architectural journalist, critic and editor she was Technical Editor of the Architects Journal and has also contributed to a number of international architecture and design magazines, among them Architectural Record USAArkitektur Sweden and Bauwelt Germany.

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The practice focuses on projects with potential for outstanding and meaningful architecture, most often closely related to nature and preferably in strong natural settings with a harsh climate none more so than the Svalbard Science Centre.